How it all began...

The idea had been circling in my head for years. But the time was right and I could no longer fight the wanderlust that had built up. I bought a 1977 GMC NuWa motor home, threw a solar panel on top and started getting it ready for the open road. My main goal: to wander around North America, catching up with old friends, visiting new places and experiencing things I haven't before. This is my story...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting Back to the things that Matter

Yesterday I drove away from the Walmart in Belen, NM, a place I had reluctantly stayed for the past 2 days. I had signed up to work on an organic farm (WWOOF - World Wide Organization of Organic Farms) for the next 7 days and was waiting at the Walmart for a call from the farm. The call never came, even after I left several messages and an email. Very odd since I had arranged everything with the farm previously. Well, as it turns out, the woman that runs the farm had become ill and was at the hospital. Thus, my first WWOOF-ing experience was foiled. Things happen for a reason, I suppose...

After several phone calls to the Public Lands Office, I was told about some BLM land 70 miles west of Roswell (Alien Capital of the world! Or would it be Universe?) where I could camp for FREE!! And I do love free. It was called Fort Stanton ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern). It sounded perfect!

I arrived and found some gorgeous countryside to camp. I was the only one camping, but there was the camp host, a nice gentleman named Jerry. He told me some trails that I could check out and areas to explore. With a few hours of sunlight left, I decided to just relax and read by my pseudo-bay-window, which happens to face west towards the sunset...because I parked it that way. It's a
beautiful thing. And that is when I realized/remembered what this whole adventure is all about. Taking time to do whatever is
most important to me. I lost sight of that during my 12 days in
Albuquerque, where I was sequestered to parking lots, which do not rate high for "scenery" scores. While I originally I thought to only spend a few days here, I think I will extend that time-frame. It's beautiful and there are miles upon miles of trails to explore. Not a bad place to be...


  1. How nice to be reminded of those things. Speaks to your openness to let those reminders come in, and of your values. I am so glad you left that parking lot! Take some great pics!

  2. It really is so easy to get distracted. May you always see beauty through your bay window. May you always see beauty everywhere. :) -Heidi

  3. Wonderful photo of Stella