How it all began...

The idea had been circling in my head for years. But the time was right and I could no longer fight the wanderlust that had built up. I bought a 1977 GMC NuWa motor home, threw a solar panel on top and started getting it ready for the open road. My main goal: to wander around North America, catching up with old friends, visiting new places and experiencing things I haven't before. This is my story...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 1: The Journey Begins

As usual, my time of departure was delayed by about 4 hours....I am excellent at procrastinating. Maybe that will be added to the resume? On second thought, maybe not. My old roommate and friend, Kim Wortley, decided to join me for the first week of my adventures. It would be a nice transition from my home in Denver to the roads of North America.

After getting everything set in the rig, I picked up Kim at the Stapleton Park-n-Ride and off we went towards the mountains. Our first destination: Salida, Colorado to visit Michael and Barbara Leesley. Although it was only a 3 hour drive, I had not driven the rig in the dark, nor on curvy, mountain roads. Thus, I was in for an immediate adventure. Going up the mountain roads at 35mph (not because of the speed limit, but because of the limit of my speed) I could help but laugh at the LONG line of cars behind me. I was suddenly THAT guy who drove at the speed of tortoise. Yeah, that fast.

Finally arriving in Salida, we were greeted by Micahel and Barbara. We chatted through the evening and snacked on food they prepared for us. It was just nice sitting with good people and having good conversation. It was a great start to the adventure.

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  1. Hi Brian - this is Robyn's friend Linda. I somehoe came across your travel blog and I am SOOOO jealous. You are on the adventure I should have I'm following your blog. Keep writing. This is wonderful. Be safe. Be happy. Is there a final destination?
    Linda Moiseyev